FCS AMP Tactical Military Noise Reduction Communication Headset V20 V60 PTT

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Headset Features:
* Powered by AAA battery for active pickup noise reduction function.
* Multi-mode switching: Indoor / Outdoor mode, Listening mode and Language mode switch.
* SEO shooting environment hearing protection technology.
* 360-degree TSFS pickup system.
* Hearing protection; 26DB reduces noise.
* Compatible with all kinds of tactical helmet as long as it's has side rail.
* Head beam adjustment system to offer compatibility on helmet.
* Custom KN6 Pin interface
* Ergonomic ear cushions provide comfort
* NRR value: NRR 20dB, H:27dB M:20dB, L:16dB.
* Compatible with (U-174) wiring push-to-talk radio adapter, eg: PRC-148/152, FCS-148 U94.

PTT Features:
PTT interface: U-174 / U socket + 6 pin plug.
PTT Compatible PRC-148/152, FCS-148, U94, US military original communication models.

NOTE: Helmet and PRC 148 radio is not include.

Package Contents:
* AMP Tactical Communication Headset * 1 
* U-174/U Headset downlead Cable * 1
* Velcro * 1
* Helmet Bridge * 1
* Product Manual * 1