ARC/M-LOK Rotate Helmet Rail Adapter Kit J Arm for Roger Tech EVO406 / Earmor M31&MOD3 M32 M32H MARK3 Headset

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* Brand new and made by high quality polymer construction.
* Allows you to mount your Roger Tech or Opsmen earmor headsets for mounting to the rear of ARC/M-LOK series of helmet rails, such as FAST Maritime/SF/ Highcut/Sentry /Wendy etc helmets.
* Leaving the top portion of the rails free for mounting accessories, such as lights, cameras, etc. This also creates better helmet stabilization and a counterbalancing effect of forward shroud mounted devices, such as night vision devices.
* Allow for 360 degree adjustment, which not only allows for better fitment and seal to the user's unique ear / head shape, but maintains that seal and moves more naturally with their head movement.
* Adjustable to multiple positions and lengths for a perfect fit.
* Earcups rotate to the side or rear of helmet when not in use, streamlining stowage to create a very low profile.
* Helmet and headset are not include.
* Color: Camo , Camo Black ,Black, Dark Earth, Olive Drab Green

Package Contents:
* Tactical Helmet Rail Mount Kit * 1 Pair