CNC Functional GSGM DPAM NVG Mount W/ 3 Helmet Shroud Set For ANVIS Night Vision

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* Constructed of CNC Machined aluminum and mil-spec polymer.
* The GSGM night vision device assembly is delivered with 3 different assembly platforms.
* The (GSGM) Ground Spec Goggle Mount integrates existing ANVS-6/9, AN/AVS-9, ANVIS GPNVG-18, AN/PVS-23 F4949, M949, AN/PSQ-36 Night Vision Goggles (Helmet and night vision goggle are not included).
* The assembly is equipped with a battery compartment for CR123A batteries and a LEMO cable adapter.
* A battery compartment stores one (1) CR123 battery(battery not include) to power the internal backup power supply, A Power Mode Selection Switch allows the operator to choose between the external power supply or the internal backup battery.
* The power supply of the NVG can be easily connected via this and activated with the lever on the side.
* Depending on the helmet model, these can be attached using the screws supplied and provide space for the GSGM night vision device holder.
* 3-hole platform for GSGM assembly. Vision Goggles with Quick release bracket attaches to any mil standard night vision helmet mount shroud.
* 4-hole platform for GSGM assembly, for 4-hole drilled helmet for installation,direct low profile mounting to helmet.
* 4-hole platform for GSGM assembly ,for HGU-56/P SPH-4 and similar Pilot Flight Helmet.

Package Include :
* CNC Functional GSGM DPAM NVG Mount * 1 Set