CNC Machined PVS14 PVS7 NVG J Arm Swing Arm Night Vision Dovetail Mount Adapter

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* Brand new and high quality.
* Constructed of CNC machined aluminum.
* The AN/PVS-14 Arm with NVG Interface Shoe provides a durable connection for mounting an AN/PVS-14 PVS-7 and similar monocular bodies with j-arm ports a Combat Helmet Interface Mount.
* It can be easily mounted and dismounted from the AN/PVS-14 monocular by means of a thumb screw, and allows the operator to select the height and angle for comfort with the ability to make fine adjustments to the arm.
* This Mounting Arm is compatible with the AN/PVS-14 series of night vision monoculars and utilizes a dovetail interface.
* Helmet,L4G24 and night vision goggle are not include.

Package Include:
J Arm NVG Dovetail Mount Adapter * 1.