Emerson Breathable Night Cap NVG Mount Cap Night Vision Platform

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* Brand new and made with high quality durable nylon fabric.
* Solving the problem of wearing NVGs when you don’t need a helmet, is great for low-vis needs, general recce work, and even hunting.
* Stuff it in your pocket until needed and then just clip your NVGs in for a lightweight and stable option when a helmet is not needed.
* Packs down to practically nothing.
* Feels like wearing a baseball hat. Simple, adjustable, and breathable.
* Compatible will all current 3- and 4-hole NVG mounts (does not include NVG mount).
* Low profile chin strap,highly adjustable headband and chin strap
* Stable and comfortable
* Meshy fabric for vertilation and perspiration.
* Hook & loop attachment on the back could be used to attach patch.
* Cap circumstance (56cm-64cm) can be adjusted by the strap on the back.
* A concealed sponge mat inside of the cap for protecting forehead(detachable).

Package Include:
* Emerson Low Vis Lightweight NVG Night Cap *1