Emerson Lightweight Assault Ghillie Suit Concealment Sniper Coat Poncho

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* Brand new and high quality.
* Made of lightweight material, it reduces your burden and is suitable for long time wearing.
* Compact minimal in size, the assault ghillie can be packed into baseball-sized pouch for compact stowage.
* Main Construction the ghillie suit consists of two parts, interconnected sleeves and hood, and a removable dual-layer cape.
* Laser-cut 3D shapes perfectly outlining the most visible human shape, the head and shoulders.
* Front concealment the removable dual-layer cape can be folded forward over for concealment of a long gun or binoculars.
* The open cut and ultra-light design of the suit ensure massive airflow and protect against overheating.
* You can attach the storage pouch to molle or belts. easy to carry on the go.

Package Contents:
* Emerson Combat Assault Ghillie Suit * 1.