Emerson Medical First Aid Bag Pouch MOLLE Quick Pull Opening SOF IFAK Medic Pack

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* Material:
-US Crye Precision Camo Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric.--- MC/MCAD/MCBK/MCTP
-Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric.--- BK/CB/FG
-High Density Durable Nylon Fabric.--- FG/RG
* Lightweight and durable.
* Features elastic loops to hold gauze and other medical items securely.
* Paracord zipper pulls for securing pouch closed.
* Nylon pull tab for quick and easy access.
* Heavy duty and high quality YKK zipper.
* Compatible with MOLLE system.
* Size: 16.5cm x12cm x 8cm / 6 5/8" x 4 3/4" x 3 1/4".

Package Contents:
* EmersonGear Medical First Aid Kit Pouch * 1