Emerson Pack Zip-on Panel Plate Carrier Back Bag Mag Pouch for CPC AVS JPC 2.0

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* Material:
-US Crye Precision Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric.--- MC/MCAD/MCBK/MCTP
-Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric.--- BK/CB/FG
* Simple, versatile pack that zips to rear plate and stretches to hold essential supplies.
* Features a built-in expandable hydration / bolt cutter pocket.
* Come with six Magazine Pouches and one accessories pouch on front.
* Compatible with CPC, NCPC, JPC 2.0, AVS Vest.

Package Contents:
* EmersonGear Tactical Plate Carrier Back Bag w/ Mag Pouch * 1