Emerson Tactical Adaptive Vest Harness Version AVS Plate Carrier Body Armor

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* Material:
  -US Crye Precision Real Camouflage Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric --- MC/MCBK/MCAD/MCTP
  -US Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric --- BK/CB/FG/WG
  -High Denisty Durable Nylon Fabric --- HLD/MR/AT-FG/AOR1/AOR2
* Two alternative configurations to donning the AVS (see user manual.).
* Emergency doffing system designed for the AVS.
* This Plate Carrier includes Harness, front and Rear standard platebag, Additional AVS Detachable MOLLE Flap.
* User manual with illustration included. Please read user manual before use.
* One size only fits regular M/L/XL.
AVS Harness:
* AVS Harness is a primary base component of the AVS.
* Provides structural support and a mounting platform for a variety of AVS components, which allows a wide range of different load-outs and configurations.
* Harness includes Single strap cummerbund, Shoulder Cover, Emergency doffing cable.
AVS standard Plate Pouch Set:
* Comes as a set (Front & Rear platebag).
* Compatible with 10" x 13" hard or soft plates.(Plates sell separately)
* Can be configured with the AVS Harness or separately with the AVS 2-Band Skeletal Cummerbund for a simpler plate carrier configuration.
* Front platebag features a hook&loop panel that allows the attachment of the AVS detachable front MOLLE or Mag Pouch Panels. (AVS detachable front MOLLE flap included in this item)
* Buckle on front plate panel which connect with should strap can be moved for right or left-handed operation.
* Quick access upper front admin pocket provides quick access to maps, critical gears, Internal multipurpose elastic loops for secure small items eg: Chemlight, Tool and etc.
* Zipper sewn on rear platebag for zip on the Back Pack panel.(We sell the Back Pack zip panel separartely)
* Modular MOLLE web attachment points on entire rear platebag profile provides maximum versatility.
* Cable, antenna and hydration hose guides.
AVS Detachable MOLLE Flap:
* Attaches to front platebag (Standard or MBAV) of AVS to provide three rows of MOLLE webbing for attaching kit.

Package Contents:
* EmersonGear Tactical Adaptive Vest * 1