Emerson Tactical Cobra 1.5" Rigger's Waist Support Belt w/ AustriAlpin Buckle

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* Material:
  -Double layered nylon webbing, ultra-tough, reinforced stitching.--- MC/BK/CB/KH
  -US Crye Precision Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric.--- MC
* Safety hardware that fuses AustriAlpin's patented Cobra buckle with quick release system.
* Aluminum and Brass material for buckle body and Clip.
* The world's safest, most finely crafted, strongest and quick release buckles. There is no comparison.
* Lined with hook and loop can be attach inner pant belt when needed.
* Belt Stiffened to support more gear.
* Belt Width: 1.5".
* Size: S(Small) - Fits 26-30 waist; M(Medium) - Fits 32-36 waist; L(Large) - Fits 38-42 waist; XL(X-Large) - Fits 44-48 Waist.

Package Contents:
* EmersonGear Tactical Cobra 1.5" Rigger’s Belt w/ AustriAlpin Buckle * 1