Emerson Tactical JPC 2.0 Jump Plate Carrier Lightweight Vest Molle Body Armor

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* Material:
-US Crye Precision Real Camouflage Cordura Nylon Fabric -
-Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric.---BK/CB/WG
-High Density Durable Nylon Fabric.---AOR1/AOR2/HLD/MR
* Lightweight and minimal armor vest designed for maximum mobility, weight savings and packability.
* Offers a variety of configuration options to suit an operator's needs in terms of protection, modularity, and comfort.
* Easy 2-step emergency doffing capability.
* Compatible with AVS / JPC detachable front flaps (Sell Separately).
* Low-profile cummerbund attachment that provides maximum adjustability and allows for chest expansion as needed.
* Hidden vertical webbing loops on front carrier supports detachable chest rigs.
* Webbing loops on the back of the shoulder straps to support back panels.
* Zippers along the sides of the back carrier for zip-on panels.
* Fit Armour Plate Size: M Size: 9.5" x 12.5" or L Size: 10.25" x 13.25". (Plates not include, Sell Separately).

Package Contents:
* EmersonGear JPC 2.0 Plate Carrier * 1