Emerson Tactical Modular Rigger's Belt MRB MOLLE Lightweight Low Profile Belt

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* Material:
  -US Crye Precision Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric.--- MC/MCAD/MCBK/MCTP
  -Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric.--- BK/CB/WG
  -High Density Durable Nylon Fabric.--- AOR2
* Modular Rigger's Belt is a single, lightweight belt system that carries your gear and holds up your pants.
* Features new LoopLock inner belt layer that passes through pants belt loops, keeping the MRB oriented and stable.
* Multiple pistol mounting options (on inner LoopLock layer, on exterior MOLLE sleeve, and on main belt).
* Main belt can be replaced with alternate load-rated rigger's belts 1.5".
* Ergonomically shaped for long wearing comfort.
* Extremely light and low bulk.
* Inner LoopLock belt 1.5" functions on its own as a great low-profile pants belt (no bulky hardware).
* Size available from 32"-46":
- Small Size: 32"-34" (81cm - 86cm)
- Medium Size: 36"-38" (91cm - 97cm)
- Large Size: 40"-42" (102cm - 107cm)
- X-Large Size: 44"-46"cm (112cm - 117cm)

Package Contents:
* Emerson MRB Mordular Rigger's Belt * 1