FCS Tactical Headset Comtac III RAC Radio Connector V20 PTT KN6 U174/U MTP3150 PD780 XTS KENWOOD

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* Item included V20 PTT, Standard KN6 to U174/U adaptor, Kenwood K type connector and Product manual. * Tailor-made KN6 to U174/U adaptor applicable with Comtac III RAC dual channel version headset. * Shell material made with ABS + Rubber. * Size 37mm * 72.5mm * 25mm * Weight 81 grams. * We have PTT adaptors sell separately for below models: - Cable A for Motorola MTP3150, 3250, XIR-E68281, 3100 etc. - Cable B for Motorola XTS series. - Cable C for Various Kenwood head walkie-talkies. - Cable D for Hytera PD780, PD980. - PRC148 152 and various standard 6 pins connector intercom.