Fenix ALG-04 Headlamp Clip For HL60R HM60R HM65R HM70R HP30R V2.0 Headlight

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* Easy attachment and detachment
* Fitting more Fenix headlamp
* Durable and high-strength material
* Compatible Models
* HL series: HL55, HL60R.
* HM series: HM60R, HM61R, HM65R, HM65R-T, HM70R.
* HP series: HP30R V2.0.

Brand Fenix
Product Code ALG-04
Size 3.54'' x 2.76'' / 90x70mm
Weight 0.81 oz / 23g

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in Retail Packaging and Includes:
* Fenix ALG-04 Helmet Clip x 1