NiteCore NL1835HP - 1pcs

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* Pressure relief valva protection.
* Microporous barrier protects delicate internal components.
* Built-in PTC inhibiting high current surges.
* Automatically protects against overcharge,over discharge and short-circuit.
* Uses high quality battery protection chip IC.
* Equipped with nickel-plated stainless steel protectors ensuring high impact resistance and oxidation resistance.
* Fully covered by durable metallic wrapper to guard against abrasion.
* Low cost and environmentally friendly.
* Compatible with Nitecore smart chargers.
* Certified by international standards and globally insured.


Brand NiteCore
Product Code NL1835HP
Capacity 3500mAh
Charging Current 8A(Max.)
Voltage 3.6V
Measurements Length: 69.3mm (2.73 in.)
Diameter: 18.5mm (0.73 in.)
Weight 49.9-grams (1.76oz)
Warranty period 12 months warranty from the date of purchase


* Never expose the battery to water or fire.
* When charging or using batteries ensure the positive and negative ends correspond with the positive (+) and negative (-) symbols.
* To extend battery life it is recommended that it is charged every three months when unused for long periods.
* Keep out of the reach of children.

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in Retail Packaging and Includes:
* NiteCore NL1835HP x 1