NiteCore NL2142LTHPR - 1pcs

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* High 4200mAh capacity for superior runtimes.
* 3.6 volts of reliable lithium power.
* Multiple safety protections from over-heating, over charging, and over discharging.
* Nickel plated stainless steel cathode and anode.
* Abrasion resistant coating for durability.

Brand NiteCore
Product Code NL2142LTHPR
Capacity 4200mAh
Charging Current 15A(Max.)
Voltage 3.6V
Measurements 76.8±0.3mm / 3.02"±0.01"
≤22.3mm / 0.88"
Warranty period 12 months warranty from the date of purchase

* Never expose the battery to water or fire.
* When charging or using batteries ensure the positive and negative ends correspond with the positive (+) and negative (-) symbols.
* To extend battery life it is recommended that it is charged every three months when unused for long periods.
* Keep out of the reach of children.

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in Retail Packaging and Includes:
* NiteCore NL2142LTHPR x 1