Soft Shell 9mm Pistol Magazine Pouches Mag Carrier Tall W/ Belt Loop

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* Material: High Quality Nylon for Durability .
* Compatible with: 9mm, .40S&W, .45 ACP caliber or any equitably sized magazine.
* Both sizes fit single and double stack magazines.
* Designed for hook on 1.75” width belt.
* Flared surfaces on all four sides of the pouch opening allowing smooth, blind insertion of the mag into the pouch.
* Molded channels and recesses that control and protect the binding cord and eliminate snags and wear.
* Front torsion plate is engineered to direct pressure down through the Softshell forcing its inner friction surface to make positive contact along the magazine.
* The back plate is molded to include threaded brass inserts allowing the rapid change of mounting accessories.
* Absorb no moisture and gain no weight when exposed to water.
* Hybrid construction method of stitching the frame to the Softshell eliminates unnecessary bulk and weight.
* Size: 10cm tall.

Package Include:
* Soft Shell Pistol Mag Carrier w/ Belt Loop - Tall * 1.