Tactical Aluminum Modular Binocular Bridge Helmet Night Vision NVG NODS Mount

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*The binocular bridge system for the Oasys SkeetIR and IR Patrol allows users to head-mount these thermal monoculars for hands-free application.  
*The bridge is completely modular.It can be configured for single or dual optic use.
*The bridge system interfaces with standard dovetail mounts such as the popular L4G24.
*It allows the individual monoculars to be rotated out of the way, giving operators the option to run their binocular system like a monocular.
*if they choose, both units can be pivoted up out of the way instead of flipping the goggle mount up.  Another benefit of this feature is the ability to lay the goggle flatter against the helmet shell surface when it is flipped up.
*By pivoting the units flat against the helmet, the operator's head is lower profile, greatly decreasing the possibility of damaging the goggles or getting hung up on an obstacle.
*When used in binocular mode, the Bridge allows operators to set the inter-pupillary distance with a stop plate.  It is easily adjusted with a thumbscrew and prevents the optic from overshooting the eye when placed in operational position.

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Tactical Aluminum Binocular Bridge NVG NOD Mount * 1