Tactical CNC Improved NVG Helmet Mount Bracket AN/PVS-7A PVS-7C PVS-15 PVS-18

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* The Improved Night Vision Goggle Helmet Mount Assembly is a radical new approach to NVG mounts.
* This is a precision machined NVG mount that uses a single tri-lobe rail to interface with the goggle.
* This design feature benefits the user in several ways.
* First, it presents a stronger, more stable platform that can better survive impacts without damage. Because the interface module moves on a single rail, there is no chance of binding if the mount takes a hit from one side.
* Second, the entire rail member can rotate 360 degrees. This allows you to quickly switch between right and left eye dominance when using a monocular, without removing the optic from the mount.
* The NVG arm uses a Force-To-Overcome mechanism for flip-up storage. This means the user has to manually force the arm up into the stowed position.
* It also allows you to swivel the NVG up in front of the helmet for quick storage.
* The NVG interface module is a dovetail, so it will readily accept the AN/PVS-15, 18, 21,31 and PVS-7A/7C.
* Do not include the model.

Package Include:
Pvs 15/18 NVG for Norotos Helmet Mount