Tactical Helmet Cover PVS31 NVG Retention Pouch GPNVG Battery Rear Storage Pack

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* Built with US Tegris Material and Superior nylon Hook & Loop.
* Securely attach a PVS-31 battery pack to a helmet.
* Compatible with most helmets, eg: Fast, MICH etc.
* Battery pack held in a sleeve affixed with Hook &Loop.
* Three anchors for retention:Two lateral anchors attach with chin strap bolts or accessory rails;
* Optional third anchor connects to an IR Strobe mount on top of the helmet;Adjustable bridge for the third anchor.
* Tie-points at front for strobe lanyard attachment.
* Colour: MC,BK,CB,RG.

Package Include:
* Tactical Helmet Cover PVS31 NVG Retention Pouch*1