Tactical Interface ANVIS NVG Helmet Shroud Adapter Plate for GSGM&DPAM Mount

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* Interface Plate allows the GSGM/DPAM to easily be removed from the shroud.
* Adapter Plate interfaces with the Ground Spec Goggle Mount (GSGM) Dual Power Aviation Mount (DPAM), allowing it to attach to standard Helmet NVG Shrouds.  (GSGM/DPAM/Helmet/Night Vision Goggle not include)
* This adapter plate is required for mounting the GSGM / DPAM to L4 3-Hole and 1-Hole Shrouds, Lo-Pro shroud, as well as Skeleton Shrouds and other standard bracket-style shrouds
* Shroud adapter only, helmet GSGM and night vision goggle not included.

Package Include:
3-Hole Adapt Plate * 1